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SAFE PROJECT. Mobility is life. Exchange is SAFE

In 2013 INPS, the Italian National Institute of Social Security won the call of the European Project S.A.F.E., "Social Agencies of Future Europe," worth about 12.4 million euros, as the leader of the Consortium of the same name participated by 13 partners of 12 states. The SAFE Project's ambitious goal was to give operational life to the "pool of excellence" of the titanic EESSI Program. Electronic Exchange of Social Security InformationIn 2017 we have been called to support the tight final stages of SAFE, enhancing its final event and the entire communication kit through our distinctive 'Narrative Approach' and creating an integrated cross-media storytelling, focused on the bio-graphical moment of the Project's Stakeholders . In the first, analytical stage we brught forth an Audit through our original Story-Survey template; moving from its output we designed, in synergy with the INPS and KPMG contacts, Main Contractor for the Project, the main contents and communication tools, in with the core concept of the "magic tree": from gadgets to room kit, from the event line to the sensitive Final Brochure of the four-year Project. As the "climax" of the Storytelling Operation we produced and delivered an original "video-story" of about 3 minutes, as a tool for the subsequent online dissemination of results and, more importantly, to be screened at the end of the Final Event, held in Rome into the prestigious frame of Wedekin Palace. This "video-cover" has been designed as an original multi-media narration (music + voice over + visual + texts), amining to recount the whole story of SAFE Project, and its outcomes, in about 3 minutes. “From 4 years to 3 minutes”, to engage the Audiences of SAFE Project effectively, ensuring their full commitment and the final approval toward our contractor’s work. We are honored to have given a small tribute to an important Project, that brought us a little closer to the Europe of the future.

Year: 2017-2018

Client by: Francesco Rotolo – Storyfly

Creative Direction, Copy: Francesco Rotolo

Art Direction: Lorenzo Curatola


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AIBA. Sicuri, di esserti vicino.

The Italian Insurance Broker Association contacts us to make its institutional video.
Together with Orazi Creative Studio, we tried to change the perspective:
to talk about AIBA, we felt we had to tell the Brokers;
to talk about brokers, we had to tell the stories of the people.
Of those who seek security, in the face of the uncertainty of change.
A vision of a glimpse, a fresco, a look "in a bird's eye".
To discover the landmark in Italy
insurance brokerage.

Client by: Orazi Creative Studio

Concept and Script: Francesco Rotolo
Art Direction: Francesca Orazi
Postproduction: Francesco Struffi
Voice by: Alberto Molinari

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