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The fireman's job has never been an easy one. Fire-fighting, is called evocatively in English, "fighting fire".

The famous American multinational, Gore, with more than about 9,500 employees, said associates, and production facilities in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan and China and commercial offices around the world, is one of the most prestigious companies in the world for technological innovation and the production of high-performance technical fabrics. Since 2017, Storyfly has been GORE's provider for communication, narrative coaching, training, corporate and brand storytelling services.

In 2018 Storyfly wins an important tender, against some of the major creative agencies of the European landscape. It has been the beginning of an ambitious Project, aimed to enhance the communication of the Seminars that GORE organizes in North America to raise the awareness of the professional category of Firefighters, concerning the importance of good practice and the correct use of top-of-the-range equipment, for workplace safety.
A delicate theme, a demanding and prepared audience, an educational context that left little room for the sensationalism typical of the ADV world. A challenge that we accepted trying as always to find the nub of the matter in the simplest things. Who is the hero of the story we want to tell? What are his values, his fears, his ambitions? What is its destiny?
During the six-month duration of the "Core" Project, we have given life to a robust and compact narrative strategy, embodying it in numerous communication touchpoints, first of all, the presentations used during the Seminars. We also wanted to demonstrate, once and for all, an important point: that Storytelling, when used seriously, can be put at the service of sensitive causes and themes, helping organizations achieve even the most ambitious goals.
In this Video-Cover, that we have crafted for one of the most sensitive presentations of the entire Seminary, we delve into the concept of "Comfort", touching lightly and with a pinch of irony an important theme with very serious implications, as it is linked to the topics of the safety and performance in "at-risk" work environments, and how the right equipment can help professionals achieve their goals.

Client by: Storyfly
Year: 2018 (and ongoing)
CreativeDirection: Francesco Rotolo
Art Direction: Lorenzo Curatola
Production/Postproduction: Storyfly

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Storyfly. The strategic partner for your communication.

Storyfly is the ideal partner to help you:

  • Become more aware of your internal and external context
  • Define your communication strategy, your goals
  • Develop your content with maximum effectiveness
  • Curate the Design of Your Communication
  • Get in touch with your key audiences
  • Grow and manage your online presence
  • Giving your brand a new life
  • Launch your startup
  • Motivate your team

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What we do

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Your brand is your most important Asset.
Storifly takes you beyond Brand Design,
with a total approach to your brand
that starts with your content and comes
to all points of contact with your audiences.

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Our original approach brought us
beyond the usual boundaries of Communication.
Our Strategic Process is one of a kind:
a unique blend of semiotic , marketing, neuroscience, sociology
to outline a really effective path,
from understanding the current situation
to achieving the objectives.

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Content development

In an age pervaded by narrative media
content is "back" at the center of the message.
Storyfly helps you focus
the vital themes for your business,
and develop them effectively into integrated narratives
between them and in the media on which they will come to life.

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Storyfly. Fly to success.

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